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WordPress VS Blogger – Full Review 2021

Have you any planning for create a blog website but not sure which platform you choose, so don’t worry we want to help you, so please kindly read full article.

WordPress and Blogger are all are most popular blogging platform. Which is easy to use, which is better, which is more facility, which is heavy security and many more discussion we display in this article, So kindly concentrate.

Our AIM is help you decide which is the better platform for your blog.

Our Common Need for Blog

  • Easy to Use
  • Ownership
  • Control
  • Security
  • Pricing

What is WordPress?

WordPress.com is an open source Software you can use it for create app, website and many more. It is totally free, you dont have any purches for use wordpress software.

WordPress is very simple to use and create a blog / website easily. WordPress cover 30-40% website in total internet. Day by day its users increases.

What is Blogger?

Blogger.com is a free blogging service from Google. Started in 1999 by Pyra Labs, it was acquired by Google in 2003.

Blogger is a free blog hosting service that lets you create a blog without paying anything at all. You also get a free Blogspot subdomain.

Your blog’s address look like this: www.websitename.blogspot.com.

1 – Easy to Use

Blogger – Easy to Use

You can create a blog in blogger platform less than 5 min. But you cumpolsury need a Google account to start blogging in Blogger beacause Blogger from Google.

  • In Blogger You just go to Blogger.com
  • Sign Up your account with Gmail account.
  • Click ‘create new blog’ option.
  • Choose display name for you.
  • Create a blog title and content.
  • Create Blog address
  • Choose a predefine theme, you can put over here ay paid theme.
  • To change your blog’s design in Blogger, you’ll need HTML skills.

WordPress – Easy to Use

You can create a blog in simple quick process. You don’t need any coding knowledge for customize or any design. Here are the many theme and quickly design a blog website.

  • Install WordPress from your computer.
  • Use a theme as you like for your blog website.
  • activate plugins what this theme is need.
  • Go to dashboard left section >> Post >>Add New.
  • You can easily create text content.
  • Add images, videos, and other media to your WordPress posts
  • WordPress customization option is very easy to use and it look exactly how you want.

2 – Ownership of your website

Ownership – Blogger

Ownnership control by Google. It’s not own by you. Google can suspended your website without warning just like any other social media. Even if you don’t do anything wrong, you could still lose your blog if Google ever decides to stop supporting Blogger.

Ownership – WordPress

For WordPress website you mustly need a hosting provider company, but you can freely decided any step or any work in your website. Simply you are owner in this wordpress website.

You can move your website any other hosting provider in any time as you can. But Blogger it is Definietly not.

3 – Control and Flexibility

Control and Flexibility – Blogger

Blogger is using simple design tool which is pre defined in blogger.com. All Gadgets are provided by Google like advertising, subscription links, a contact form, and more.

eCommerce features, and more simply aren’t available on the Blogger platform, So you have a limit to making money in this platform.

Control and Flexibility – WordPress

WordPress is an open source Software you can use it for create app, website and many more. You can add any features in your blog by using thirt party like plugins etc..

There are many free plugin are avialable in wordpress. These plugins help you to create a new look and new features of your website, that look like catchy website.

For example, using plugins, you could:

Add an online store to your website
Create a portfolio
Make a popup to capture visitors’ email addresses
Add social sharing buttons … and much more.

You have no limit to make money from your website.

4 – Which is secure WordPress / Blogger

Security – Blogger

Using Blogger, you’ve got the added advantage of Google’s robust, secure platform. You don’t got to worry about managing your server’s resources, securing your blog, or creating backups.

However, if Blogger goes down, your site will too … along side all the opposite sites hosted on Blogger. You can’t do anything to recover your blog when the Blogger site is down.

Security – WordPress

WordPress is sort of secure, but since it’s a self-hosted solution, you’re liable for security and backups.

The good news is that there are many WordPress plugins that make it easier for you.

For example, you’ll use UpdraftPlus or VaultPress for creating a backup, and Sucuri for web-application firewall to enhance site security.

For an entire guide managing security in WordPress, see our ultimate WordPress security guide.

5 – Pricing Plan

In Blogger all are free. If you want to your custom subdomain You can pay for this overally 20$ will spend.

In WordPress You want hosting, Domain name overally 25$ will be spend. If you want to for premium themes and plugins you can pay for them.


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