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WordPress Theme & Plugin upload error Solved without coding.

Theme and plugin uploading error

The “Premium Theme and plugin uploading error” is a common error that occurs when trying to upload themes and plugins via the WordPress dashboard.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix the “Theme and plugin uploading error” all by yourself in a few easy steps in without coding.

What is The Problem Arrived

When you go to your WordPress admin panel to upload premium themes and plugins, then you get an error at the time of uploading, like “link you followed has expired”.

Its a common Error, It can be solve without coding. Here i teach you How to fix Theme & plugin Install Failed Issue.

How To Fix WordPress theme upload error

All Easy Step For Fix WordPress theme upload error

Step 1 -Go to Your Dashboard

step2 – Go to Plugin >> Add New

Step 3 – Search file manager

Step4 – Install file manager >>Activate it

When activate this plugin you can see this plugin left side of your WordPress dashboard show as image below

Step5 – Go To File manager

Step6 – Go to Wp-content

Step7 – Go to Themes

Step8 – Click On Upload File

    Here Uploading Theme file, When Upload Complete

Step9 – click and Select the file

Step10 – Extract File Here

Here is the full describe through video


When Theme Extract Completed, Congratulation you are uploaded a theme sucessfully. Now you can design your website properly with no problem. You can upload plugin this type also. Here is the full easy guide for you Dont forget to like, Share this tutorial if it is help ful to you otherwise write noif you dint like this tutorial Thank you for readinng this.


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