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Shopify VS WordPress Full Pros Cons Review – 2021

Difference between Shopify VS WordPress

Shopify is known as ‘Website Builder’. Shopify is only used for e-commerce, It is used only for creating online stores.

WordPress is different than Shopify, It has 2 forms ie; wordpress.com & wordpress.org. WOrdpress.com is a blogging platform and create your own website. WordPress.org is a self-hosted software.

You can create many types of websites like blog websites, ecommerce, online stores, etc. WordPress is the 3rd no on the internet to creating online stores but Shopify is overall 600000 online stores.

Shopify is a premade online store but in WordPress you can install plugin to selling onile. For creating an online store in Shopify very simple step >>create a Shopify account >> choose theme >> add your product >> then congrast for your online store.



  • You don’t need any coding experience.
  • Here all are sales tools because Shopify built only e-commerce websites.
  • You don’t need for paying for security or hosting.


  • you have to pay extra transaction fees in Shopify payments.
  • If you change any theme your content will be changed.
  • It is not like drag and drop features.



  • More flexible and very powerful than Shopify.
  • Fully functionality and customized as you can.
  • Gutenberg makes it easier to use WordPress.
  • In WordPress, you can build any type of professional design and website for your need.


  • You will need some technical knowledge to use and manage WordPress.
  • You pay for hosting, Domain and Security.
  • It may be expensive.

Easy to use Shopify VS WordPress:


For your Online store Go to the website, then you 1st need to add your product in your store so for adding your product You can either add them individually – by uploading your product shots and adding descriptions, prices, and variants – or in bulk, by importing an existing CSV file with all your product information.


It’s very simple to create content and add products, but when it comes to customizing your site’s appearance, things can get a little tricky.

Themes and Templets: Shopify VS WordPress


In Shopify Total themes are 70+, Where only 10 themes are free otherwise all 60+ themes are paid, which the price starting at $140.


WordPress offers over 1,000 themes – and that’s just for ecommerce! There are also plenty more themes that plugins either provide themselves or that are made by third party developers.

Payment gateway: Shopify VS WordPress

black payment terminal

Shopify Allows 100+ different payment gateway. It has its own payment gateway name as Shopify Payments and this payment gateway won’t be charged any fees.

WordPress payment complete on the wordpress plugin, so it charges transaction fees for payments.

SEO: Shopify VS WordPress

In Shopify easy to use SEO features without investing in any fees. You can write our custom metadata, URL, site structure etc for search engines to understand and crawl.

In WordPress, You can write our custom metadata, URL, site structure etc for search engines to understand and crawl but SEO it needs any plugin, Now a days popular SEO plugin is the Yoast SEO plugin.

Pricing and Plan : Shopify VS WordPress

Shopify offers a 14-day free trial, and savings of up to 20% when you sign up for a longer contract. If you sign up for a monthly contract, you can leave at any time.

In WordPress You want to host, Domain name overall 49$ will be spent. If you want to for premium themes and plugins you can pay for them.


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