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How To Get SSL For free For Your WordPress Website

Hi Guys welcome to our blog, Today we are going to see how you can get a free SSL for your WordPress website.

If You go to your website and see this not secure message on your browser, It means that you don’t have SSL.

Now if you want to change this message into the secure lock symbol, You need to get an SSL for your website. So this will make your visitors to trust your website. So lets get Started.

We’re going to get a free SSL in just five steps.

Step1 – Create an account on a website called cloudflare.

To create account lets go to cloudflare.com in our browser

Now signup

Enter your email and password and click create account.

Step2 – Add Your website to cloudflare.com

Then Enter your site url and then click on Add site,
Which is to ‘Add your website to this account’.

Then click Next

Now select the free plan And click confirm, and click continue. So now our website has been added to cloudflare.

Step3 – ‘Change your nameservers’

So we need to add these nameservers to your domain. So add this nameserver,

You need to first login to your domain provider’s website. If your domain provider is Godaddy you can see here simply, otherwise you can read our blog and continue with other providers with same seeting.

So to add these nameservers, First let’s login to godaddy.sign in into your account.

So you can see that we have the same domain which we added to cloudflare.

Now to change the nameservers of this domain just click on DNS and then scroll down to nameserver and click change.

Then select custom, And now here you need to enter the details which is provided in cloudflare.

So lets gocloudflare and copy 1st value and paste paste value in the dns name server and 2nd value to your domain dns name server. So now we have successfully added the nameservers to your Domain.

So lets go bavk to cloudflare And then click continue.

Now to check if the nameservers are changed, Let’s click recheck now and you will get this message

And now if we click refresh, you should see this green icon, Which means your nameservers have been changed.

Now even if you don’t see this green icon immediately, you can still go to the next step.

step4 – Install the Cloudflare plugin in WordPress

So once you have added your nameservers, Which is to install the cloudflare plugin in wordpress.

So to install the plugin let’s go to WordPress dashboard and go to plugin and add new now search for flexible ssl, Now install the plugin and activate it. So now we have installed the cloudflare plugin in wordpress

Step5 – Enable SSL in Cloudflare

So let’s go back to cloudflare and click this lock icon, Now scroll down to always use HTTPS and turn it on. Now as soon as you turn this on your website will now be secured with SSL.


Congratulation your website is fully secured. So If you like this tutorial please share with your friends and subscribe our site and write comment “Yes it is Amazing”, Thank You!


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