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How To Display Grid Layout In Your WordPress Posts

Hello Guys, In this article, I am going to see How to display the posts on your website in a Grid Layout. grid post layout looks more organized than line layout.

To display the posts in grid layout We are going to do 4 steps

Step1 – Install the plugin

To install this plugin we are going to our wordpress dashboard >> Hover plugin >> Addnew >> search Content Views >> Install & activate it. You successfully install the plugin.

content views

To show posts in a grid layout, you need to first create a layout for your posts.

Step2 – Create a layout for your posts

To create a layout just go to Content views left side of the dashboard and click Add New >>

create layout

Write your Title >> Choose Taxonomy on Advanced


Choose categories >> Select your categories which want to show you on your posts. All the posts are shown in the grid layout which you have chosen. Here you choose many categories in this grid layout.


Once you selected your categories, to complete creating your layout just scroll up and click on display setting.

display setting

You can select your layout, you can see by default grid layout is selected. If you want choose your choose layout what you need.

You can select number of posts that display on your posts like in above image.

If you see your post in preview mode you can click on update preview and see your posts, if you like this style you click on the Save button. Now you successfully created a layout.


Step3 – Add your website to your WordPress website

To add the layout to website Copy the shortcode on top.

copy shortcode

Once you copy the code to add the layout to your site, You need to create a new page and click on addnew.

Give a title and paste this shortcode over here. >> Once you are done that click on publish. Our layout was added to our site. Now we have successfully added to a grid layout.

add a new post

Added this Page which you created in the Menu bar. Go to appearance >> Click menu >> Choose this page >> Click Add to menu >> Save this menu. You can see that a new menu to our nav bar to open this menu click this menu and now you see this layout which you choose.


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