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How to Create a Sticky Menu WordPress

Sticky menu wordpress remain visible as users scroll down the tab. This keeps the top menu open at all times, which is beneficial to user experience because it includes links to the most relevant parts on your website.

This article will demonstrate how to easily construct a sticky floating navigation menu in WordPress.

To create sticky menu WordPress we are going to do 2 steps.

Step 1 – Install the plugin ”My sticky menu”.

Go to our WordPress Dashboard >> PLugin >> Add new

Add new plugin

Search my sticky menu

search mysticky menu

Lets click install and activate now.

Now you are successfully install the plugin and see this in left side our dashboard name as mystickymenu.

After install the plugin we are Going to step 2.

Step 2 – Make sticky menu wordpress

Hover on mystickymenu >> Sticky menu setting.

my sticky menu

Choose sticky classs, You need to select type of menu which you want to make sticky.

choose sticky classes

Onse you selected that just scroll down and click on save.

click on save

Congrast Now go to our website scroll down then we see the sticky header make visible.

visible sticky header

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