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How to add web push notification in our WordPress site – 2021 Updates

Hii Guys today I am going to see How to add web push notifications on your WordPress website. If you want to notify your website visitors about your new blog post, any updates, you want to need a web notification.

Here I am going to showing you How to add in a simple way and step by step process. When visitors subscribe to your site then every notification will arrive to visitors like notification.

Users can click on this notification direct go to the link. So let’s do it Step by step Process.

How to add web push notification to your website

To add web push notification we are going to 3 steps

Step1- Create an account in OneSignal

One signal is the website which helps us to add the push notification to your site.

To create an account in onesignal go to onesignal.com
Just click get started

get started

Fill in the details of your email, password otherwise you can signup using Google.

google login

Then click on create an account.
Then you Enter the name of your site.

Choose platform

Then select Web push
Click on Next configure your platform
Now we are successfully creating an account in OneSignal

Step2 – Add your site to this account

To add your site just click WordPress plugin and website builder box
Now we are creating web push using wordpress so choose WordPress

wordpress builder

Scroll down

enter your details

Go to site setup in button
Enter your site name
Enter your site URL
Then you can add Your logo which has shown in web push notification
Once you have added an image Just Click on Save button.
Your site will be successfully added to OneSignal. You can see now your details like API ID and API KEY.

api key and id

Step3 – Connect your account with your WordPress Website.

Once you connect the Onesignal account to your WordPress website push notification is added to your site. So Connect OneSignal account we need to add API ID and API Key to your WordPress Site.

Go to WordPress Dashboard
Hover Plugin and click on Addnew

Add new plugin

Search OneSigna plugin
Install and Activate now
Once you have to install the plugin You click on Onesignal on your Dashboard.


Go to Configuration
Then copy API Id and API Key and paste here

go to configure
paste api id and key

To complete connecting the OneSignal account with your website
You need to select How you want your notification to appear to your visitors.
In default notification will disappear after few seconds, if you don’t want a notification to disappear you can select here ‘NO’
When visitors come to your website and you want to see them your message like a push notification like this, so you need to enable ‘Automatically prompt new visitors with OneSIgnal’.

click on save

Then Just scroll down and click on save.

As soon as you have saved it, Your account will be successfully connected to your website. Now Web push notification will be shown. Congratulation!!!!


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