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How To Add UPI Payment Gateway In Ecommerce Website

Hello guys, today we are going to see How To Add UPI Payment Gateway In Ecommerce Website. Lets you have an ecommerce website and on the checkout page, you want to give your customers a way to make payments using UPI apps like Google pay, Phonepay others.

If a customer wants to purchase the product they can scan on their UPI apps and make payments. To add UPI payments to the site we are going to do 2 steps.

Step 1 – Install the UPI plugin in WordPress for Add UPI Payment Gateway.

Go to our WordPress Dashboard >> PLugin >> Add new

add plugin

Search for ‘UPI

UPI Plugin install and activate

Let’s click install and activate now.

We successfully install the plugin. After installing the plugin we are Going to step 2.

Step 2 – Set Up the Plugin for Add UPI Payment Gateway

Once you set up your plugin The UPI payment option is added to your website. To set up the plugin just click setting, then scroll down.

go to setting

You need to enter the UPI ID where you want to receive payment. Type your UPI ID in ‘Merchant UPI VPA ID’ field.

enter upi id

So now when a customer makes a payment, You’ll receive the payment to your bank account which is liked this UPI ID.

You need to choose, Whether you want to collect the UPI address of your customer or not in “UPI Address(VPA)” field.

To make it easier for the customer to make the payment click on “UPI Address(VPA)” field and then select ‘Hide field’.

choose hide field

Once you have done that just scroll down and click on save changes.

click on save changes

Now you are successfully set up the plugin. Once you set up the plugin, The UPI payment option is added to your site. So to check that let’s go to the checkout page. You can see that we have now got the UPI payment.


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