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How To Add Google Forms To WordPress

Hii, Guys Today we are going to see Add Google Forms To WordPress Website. To add Google forms We are going to do 2 steps.

Step 1 – To create a form

To create a form open a new tab and search Google forms. click on 1st link and go to this site.

click on google formssite

Click on Go to Google forms. Here you can see some forms.

GO to google forms

To see the full list of forms that you can add to your site, just click templets and you can see all types of forms and select the forms you want.

templet gallery

Just select the contact form and you can see the contact form now you can edit this form based on your need.

choose the forms

Now just select the contact form title, select contact information and change it to your own text.

edit google form

If you want to delete this field, just click on this field, then click on the delete button. It will be deleted.

How to delete google form field

If you want to add a new field just click on ‘+’ icon and a new field will be added. You can change this field added and removed as like you.

How to add google form field

Once you have done editing your form, you can change the form color to match to your website.

How to change the colour of google forms

To change the color just click the colour button and then select the colour you want, Now you can see the colour has been changed.

Now we are successfully created our form.

Step 2 – Add Google Forms To WordPress

To add this form to our website just click send.

How to add this form to our website

Then click Code icon'<>’, Now you get an HTML code, which will help us to add the form to our site.

How to paste the code to your site

Now you need to copy this code and paste it on the page where you want to put this form.

Let’s Publish this page and we have successfully Add Google Forms To WordPress website.


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